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Oxygen Entertainment is an industry-leading Mobile Disc Jockey Company featuring Toronto & Ottawa’s most sought after professional DJ’s. Our DJ’s offer our clients the absolute best in service, quality, reliability and professionalism. We seek to compliment your special occasion with a chic, tasteful, contemporary and elegant ambiance. When it comes time to switch gears and get the party started, Oxygen Entertainment will deliver exactly what you were hoping, expecting and paying for. Mark & Ray are seasoned club DJ’s and know exactly how to rock a crowd. High energy beat mixing, remixing on the fly, and a musical knowledge that makes it all come together perfectly.

Although Mark & Ray are both club DJ’s, they have transitioned seamlessly into the corporate & wedding environment. They are both very serious music aficionados and have great respect for music across all genres. You won’t be wondering or worrying if we’ll play all of your favorite songs. This is what we do, and we love doing it. We know that, as a corporate event planner or committee member, there are many DJ companies vying for your business. We strive to offer more: more talent, more reliability, more value, and more peace of mind. Because we own and maintain a large inventory of equipment in-house, our price is often significantly lower than what large audiovisual companies are able to offer. If your event requires additional inventory beyond our capabilities.

we are able to draw upon the inventory and expertise of our partners to help produce the event in a way that is as cost-effective as possible. While we consider it our job – and our pleasure – to partner with the other vendors on your event team to ensure everything runs smoothly, we are not a “jack of all trades.” This is why we do not offer party rentals, decor, or live musicians. We have worked with nearly all of the area’s top companies that provide these types of services, and would be happy to offer recommendations if needed. You can be assured that the services booked through Oxygen Entertainment are all within our specific area of expertise, and will be delivered flawlessly.


The main emphasis when creating our company was to quite simply, raise the bar. We thrive on going above and beyond our client’s expectations. Collectively we have over 40 years of practical experience. We have both worked our way up the ladder by first being involved with similar companies in and around our respective cities. We both gained an invaluable amount of knowledge throughout this experience, some positive and some negative. The positives of course were being able to do something we loved and generate an income at the same time; observe how the industry works, how to provide the deliverables; learn from other companies and individuals with vast knowledge & skill. But of course it wasn’t all bells and whistles. There’s a lot of thinking on your feet in a very fast paced, live environment. The pressure is high and things can get very hectic. Trouble shooting technical issues and doing things sometimes far above and beyond what was first anticipated.

With all that said, there was something else far more profound that we discovered, a lack of integrity in the industry. We’re not painting the entire industry with this brush, but this is the reason we started this company. So we decided to create Oxygen Entertainment Group, a 2-man operation. Why sit around and complain about this we thought, instead, let’s do something about it. It’s simple really, consistent delivery of our product at every event, every time, no exceptions! With just the 2 of us as owner/operators, we’ve been able to do this successfully. We thrive on our reputation and this is directly correlated to your entire experience with us. We possess the knowledge, the know-how, the passion and desire, so we took that and created a company that provides a fair, honest & truly unforgettable experience.


Meet Ray

Formed in


My name is Ray Sulaman and my partner and I started Oxygen Entertainment Group because we have the love for Music. My interest in DJ’ing began in grade school. After attaining equipment, my first gig was a high school dance. I was hooked after that and haven’t stopped since. This is what i do full time and love it!

Three decades later my excitement, passion, and investment in this industry have all grown 100{9137959f7e45ff925904534c2ff5f94e1417446e2dd54f39727dd57416e95e58}. I have Dj’d alongside many great artists i.e. (Black eyed Peas) ?uestlove (The Roots) The Merrymen from Barbados just to name a few. That $500 system is now worth well over $50,000. That should matter to you in the decision-making process. My systems sound better, look better, and are more likely to work every time. And as a full time single-operator DJ company ( in Ottawa) I am able to focus on quality vs. quantity. You are not just “another gig” to me. I have a vested interest in every event I am a part of. My reputation and livelihood depend on it. I always ask myself, “If this was my event, what would I do to make it better?” “How can I make this wedding something that you, your family, and guests will remember forever?”

Even though I’ve been a DJ for almost 30 years, my passion has not dwindled. You get the best of ME, and are not forced to choose from among 13 DJ’s who are either inexperienced trainees or bored, unmotivated employees clocking in for the job. Every event feels different to me. Every song I play has a purpose. I find myself inevitably moving to the music. I never sit. The point? I truly love what I do for a living. I’ll probably get as much satisfaction from being a part of your event as you will from my services.

After visiting this site, you’ll have a better understanding of how to hire a DJ, what to look for, and what separates our company from all the others. Whether you hire me or not, I’d like you to get a sense of what the mobile DJ industry is supposed to be like. There is an enormous difference from one DJ company to the next. Please take time to review the information & videos included on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) pages. Knowing this information can make such a difference in who you hire, what happens at your event, and how you feel about it all afterwards.

Thanks for visiting our website!

Meet Mark

Formed in


Toronto based DJ, Mark Singh (aka DJ Markus) has been a fixture on the Toronto DJ scene for 25 years. Known for his ability to rock crowds regardless of musical taste or age demographic. His comprehensive knowledge of music gives him a keen sense to read crowds and switch gears seamlessly. What makes DJ Markus one of the most sought after DJ’s is a combination of different elements. One of the main reasons…his reputation. With a track record that speaks for itself, a resume to back it up and praise from many previous clients. DJ Markus has not only gained momentum year after year, but has also raised the bar for DJ’s getting into or already in the industry.

Being a music lover himself, going out to weddings, corporate events, etc., he noticed a gap in the industry, an aging DJ force that was struggling to keep up with a much younger market. Having DJ’d for 25 years, DJ Markus knew it would have to be a synergy between what was happening and the direction things were undoubtedly headed. This meant a fusion of all the classic hits, combined with the current hits, all mixed together by a DJ with “professional” skills. The X-factor from one DJ to another is the ability to gradually build momentum and keep building on it. This is done through careful song selection and high energy beat mixing. This is where DJ Markus delivers and what truly sets him apart.

A DJ career born from passion and a desire to provide a higher level of service that was not apparent in the industry is what spawned Oxygen Entertainment Group. Since the inception of OEG (Oxygen Entertainment Group) the company has landed many key contracts with major venues and vendors. DJ Markus continues to leave a positive and long lasting impression with all who have dealt with him. Quote from DJ Markus “our reputation is on the line at every event, to ever become unaware of that fact, would be a disservice to our clients and our business.”

A brief look at some past and current clients/venues DJ Markus has worked with:

Corporate Clients

  • Bell Canada*
  • Cole Engineering*
  • Magna Golf Club* (in-house DJ)
  • National Golf Club of Canada* (in-house DJ)
  • Air Canada*
  • Toyota Canada*


Banquet Halls and Venues

  • Chalkers Pub* (current residency – video DJ’ing)
  • The Ontario Science Center*
  • The Old Mill Inn and Spa*
  • Liberty Grand*
  • One King West*
  • Sunnyside Pavilion*
  • National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa)
  • National Arts Centre (Ottawa)

Still working daily in a corporate environment gives DJ Markus a professional edge and a very detail-oriented approach with his clients. When considering an overall experience, this proves to be a key selling point of his service. Having someone responsive, reliable and attentive to clients’ needs is critical and should really be expected. Having one less worry if you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, etc. is a major bonus.

Establishing a professional rapport right from the initial phone call or meeting is something that DJ Markus prides himself on. You want to know as a client that your needs are being taking seriously, and you also want a sense that the person you’re dealing with is someone who takes what they’re doing seriously. In an industry plagued with good DJ’s who lack professionalism, this is not only a breath of fresh air, it also gives his clients some concrete reassurance that things are headed in the right direction.

In summary, DJ Markus strives each and every time to go above and beyond his clients’ expectations. Constantly working on his craft each week at his residency, he understands that while DJ’ing is the main deliverable, consistent success at each event would require more than just being good at one thing. His approach and skill set have resulted in many unforgettable events.

Quote from DJ Markus, “I am the “DJ”, but I struggle defining myself as just that. I’m also very much the Wedding Coordinator/Director/Idea Sharer/Listener/Music Programmer/Sound Guy and Stress-reliever. I DJ for many reasons, but being hired by someone to help fulfill a vision is a special opportunity, it’s something I take very seriously and I’m truly grateful to be a small part of.”

Client list Here are just a few of the corporate clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with:




SERVICES Ottawa Wedding DJ




Weddings Ottawa Wedding DJ

First of all, we’d like to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding!

We’re very grateful that you’ve come to check out our website to see what we can offer you for your special day. Our company’s mission is to elevate the standard of what’s currently being offered in the market by delivering an unforgettable experience, from start, to finish. We don’t want to promise you only a great party, or just tell you about our DJ Equipment/DJ skills. Yes, those things are very important and we’ll happily get into that later, but we also recognize that there is far more involved in planning and executing a successful wedding reception and/or ceremony.

There are a lot of finite details that must come together in a live atmosphere with little or no rehearsal time in some instances. Not only do you require a great DJ who knows how to keep the party moving, but you also need someone who is very attentive to detail, communicative and able to think quickly on their feet. At OEG we’ve gone a step further to ensure this is consistently delivered to our clients at every single event, no exceptions! The reason we can offer this…we’re a 2-man show, 2 fully independent DJ’s who own all of there own state of the art DJ equipment & lighting.

We encourage you to browse through our other pages and review some of the helpful information we’ve provided. If you wish to get information on rates, please visit this page.

We wish you the best of luck planning your wedding and would be happy to assist you in any way possible. Please click here to contact us now.

We can provide you with referrals to other trusted vendors for any other needs you may have. Please do not hesitate to ask.

RATES Ottawa Wedding DJ

What are your prices?

We can tell you with absolute certainty that you get what you pay for in the mobile DJ industry.

A number of factors determine a DJ’s cost, including date & location of event, talent, experience, Emcee (Master of Ceremony), service, coordination, equipment needed, music knowledge, mixing ability and personality. For literally a few hundred dollars, anyone can throw together some used gear and call themselves a professional DJ. As you gather more information, you may find that prices vary quite a bit from one DJ company to the next.

Rates for the DJ industry vary greatly, ranging from as little as $400 to $3,500 or more with an average 4-6 hour event around $1,200. The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As an example, one company may have a package that is $795 and includes only 4 hours of music. Often times that DJ can end up costing more than the all-inclusive DJ, where the total number of hours can’t be known for sure ahead of time.

A full-service DJ company will normally invest 20-30 hours in your special event but it may appear that you are only paying for “4-6 hours”. Consultations, music purchasing, programming and editing, preparation, rehearsal, set-up and tear-down, education and other business-related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special occasion.

For an exact quote for your event, please contact us.

Corporate Events Ottawa Wedding DJ

We have over 20 years experience handling all types of corporate events. Our services have been successfully rendered to a wide array of corporate clientele. Class and elegance If you’d like to see a list of some of our previous clients, please follow this link.

Here’s a short list of the type of corporate events we’ve done in the past:

  • Christmas Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Client Appreciation
  • Company Awards
  • Formal dinner/dances
  • Cocktail receptions
  • And More


If you don’t see the type of event listed above that you’re organizing, please contact us now.


We cover a wide array of special events ranging from Birthday parties, Fashion shows, Trade shows, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, etc. If you wish to get information on rates, please visit this page.

More content coming soon!

UP-LIGHTING Ottawa Wedding DJ

LED uplighting can turn an ordinary event into something spectacular. Bringing together sights, sounds, and tastes into a symphony of excitement. Lighting sets the tone of your event from the instant guests arrive. With OEG’s expertise and the variety of options available, we will take your event to the next level with uplighting.

Uplighting are beams of light that are projected on to a wall or other surface. Usually several fixtures are placed at a low position around the room, at the bottom of a wall or a set of columns for example.

The lights are pointed up so the corresponding beams of light highlight the wall and shoot towards the ceiling. The effect can be quite dramatic and can help define a space and add color as well as dimension to an area.
Uplighting is especially useful when there are no decorations allowed on the walls, where there is little or no ambient light or an area that needs to stand out from its surroundings.

Our Standard (and minimum) package comes with 6 fixtures. Additional fixtures are always available and are easily added to the package.

Special Event Lighting: Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your room or event center. Beams of Light shine up walls, columns or key points of interest and visually enhance the room for your special event

Wedding Lighting: Uplighting is a great way to bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your wedding. Uplighting adds depth and a personal touch to your wedding by literally painting your reception hall with light to compliment your wedding’s color scheme. You can turn any event space (loft, gallery, etc..) into a beautiful canvas of light.

FAQS Ottawa Wedding DJ

Why hire Oxygen Entertainment for my event?

Hiring us for your next event will ensure its success. At OEG, we love what we do and this will easily be conveyed at our first meeting. Our professionalism, personal commitment, and passion sets us apart and our reputation speaks for itself.

How much do you charge?

Please refer to our Service and Rates page.

What is included in the cost?

It’s hard to put a price on experience and commitment. What we offer in these two categories may be more important than anything else you pay for. Yes, you can expect top of the line equipment and a high-energy performance from OEG. But we love to emphasize on the first two points because this is what you’re truly paying for.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use well maintained, state of the art audio-visual equipment for the ultimate experience. We spare no expense acquiring new technology and staying up to date. Specifically, the following are just a few examples of what we can provide:

  • Rane Serato computer-based DJ’ing
  • QSC speakers
  • Sennheiser and Shure microphones
  • LED lighting and more
  • Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide a vast selection of additional equipment.

Will you assist with music selection?

We’ve taken the time to create a long list of songs in our library. We’ve also created an “Occasional” song list that will assist you in picking songs such as first dance, bridal party entrance, cake cutting, etc.

Which DJ will be at my event?

Many DJ companies have a business model that is profit driven, quantity over quality. Your experience with us will be unmatched. You will only be dealing with either Mark or Ray who will plan and execute your event from start to finish. That is a guarantee.

Will you bring an assistant with you?

Most events would require and assistant for set up and tear down. Our assistants are also trained DJ’s that could back us up if ever required. Based on the scale of your event, we may or may not need an assistant. This information will be provided to you within our initial meeting.

What kind of music do you provide?

We continue to build the best song selection for our diverse audience, therefore; any additional music requested can easily be obtained at no additional cost. We know that choosing music for your event can be overwhelming, we will gladly help you select and guide you along the way.

Do you provide emcee service?

We will provide emcee service for formal announcements and housekeeping rules. Introductions can be done by OEG but we always advise our clients that having someone familiar with the audience would be more personal and engaging. OEG will not be responsible for any mispronunciation of names if the client cannot provide an emcee. Mark or Ray will not provide a hype man/interactive emcee service. One can be hired at an additional cost if client requires.

How will you be attired at the event?

Unless otherwise specified by the client, we will be dressed in a jacket and tie.

Do you bring back-up equipment with you?

In the unlikely event of any equipment failure, we will have additional equipment on site as a back up. All of our equipment is tested prior to your event and tested again before your guests arrive.

Terms of payment if I book your services?

Upon signing the contract a 50{9137959f7e45ff925904534c2ff5f94e1417446e2dd54f39727dd57416e95e58} deposit will be required immediately. This deposit is retained and can be reimbursed fully 1 month prior to event date. Any cancellation after this point will result in a forfeiture of your deposit..

What do you require from my event site?

A table is required, either 4’x2’ or 6’x2’. We also require adequate power circuits to run DJ set up and lighting. Please ensure that we have access to venue for set up no less than 2 hours prior to start of event.

Got a Question? Contact Us Get an Answer!

**Please note before contacting: We specialize in making weddings memorable and spectacular. If you’re looking for the lowest price DJ you can find, or making your decision of which DJ to hire based on their “hourly” rate…we probably aren’t a good match. Please take a few minutes to review the information on the FAQ’s & About page before contacting us. That helps YOU know that we’re different and it helps US know that you’re different!

Please send us your inquiry on the form below and we’ll get back to you right away. The more information you can provide (like specifics of the event location, venue, and details of the event), the better we’re able to help you. We do not share your information with anybody!

We appreciate YOUR appreciation of quality, and look forward to hearing from you!

TORONTO OFFICE: 416.275.7306 / OTTAWA OFFICE: 613.355.5210

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