Our Philosophy

The main emphasis when creating our company was to quite simply, raise the bar. We thrive on going above and beyond our client’s expectations. Collectively we have over 40 years of practical experience. We have both worked our way up the ladder by first being involved with similar companies in and around our respective cities. We both gained an invaluable amount of knowledge throughout this experience, some positive and some negative. The positives of course were being able to do something we loved and generate an income at the same time; observe how the industry works, how to provide the deliverables; learn from other companies and individuals with vast knowledge & skill. But, of course it wasn’t all bells and whistles. There’s a lot of thinking on your feet in a very fast paced, live environment. The pressure is high and things can get very hectic. Trouble shooting technical issues and doing things sometimes far above and beyond what was first anticipated.

With all that said, there was something else far more profound that we discovered, a lack of integrity in the industry. We’re not painting the entire industry with this brush, but this is the reason we started this company. So, we decided to create Oxygen Entertainment Group. Why sit around and complain about this we thought, instead, let’s do something about it. It’s simple – consistent delivery of our product at every event, every time, no exceptions! We’ve been able to do this successfully. We thrive on our reputation and this is directly correlated to your entire experience with us. We possess the knowledge, the know-how, the passion and desire, so we took that and created a company that provides a fair, honest & truly unforgettable experience.

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