Although Mark & Ray are both club DJ’s, they have transitioned seamlessly into the corporate & wedding environment. They are both very serious music aficionados and have great respect for music across all genres. You won’t be wondering or worrying if we’ll play all of your favourite songs. This is what we do, and we love doing it. We know that, as a corporate event planner or committee member, there are many DJ companies vying for your business. We strive to offer more: more talent, more reliability, more value, and more peace of mind. Because we own and maintain a large inventory of equipment in-house, our price is often significantly lower than what large audiovisual companies are able to offer. If your event requires additional inventory beyond our capabilities.

we are able to draw upon the inventory and expertise of our partners to help produce the event in a way that is as cost-effective as possible. While we consider it our job – and our pleasure – to partner with the other vendors on your event team to ensure everything runs smoothly, we are not a “jack of all trades.” This is why we do not offer party rentals, decor, or live musicians. We have worked with nearly all of the area’s top companies that provide these types of services, and would be happy to offer recommendations if needed. You can be assured that the services booked through Oxygen Entertainment are all within our specific area of expertise, and will be delivered flawlessly.

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