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Meet RayRay

Partner, DJ - Ottawa

RayRay ``Phono Jones`` Sulaman

My name is Ray Sulaman and my partner and I started Oxygen Entertainment Group because we have the love for Music. My interest in DJ’ing began in grade school. After acquiring my first $500 DJ kit, my first gig was a high school dance. I was hooked after that and haven’t stopped since. This is what i do full time and love it!

Three decades later my excitement, passion, and investment in this industry have all grown 100 times over. During that time, I have had the privelage to perform alongside many great artists such as: (Black Eyed Peas), Questlove (The Roots), and The Merrymen from Barbados - just to name a few!

That $500 system is now a $50,000 professional equipment investment, that includes redundancies to keep the event going during almost any eventuality. My systems sound better, look better, and are more likely to work every time. And as a full time single-operator DJ company (in Ottawa) I am able to focus on quality vs. quantity.

You are not just “another gig” to me. I have a vested interest in every event I am a part of. My reputation and livelihood depend on it. I always ask myself, “If this was my event, what would I do to make it better?” “How can I make this wedding something that you, your family, and guests will remember forever?” Even though I’ve been a DJ for almost 30 years, my passion has not dwindled. You get the best of ME, and are not forced to choose from among 13 DJ’s who are either inexperienced trainees or bored, unmotivated employees clocking in for the job.

Every event feels different to me. Every song I play has a purpose. I find myself inevitably moving to the music. I never sit. The point? I truly love what I do for a living. I’ll probably get as much satisfaction from being a part of your event as you will from my services. After visiting this site, you’ll have a better understanding of how to hire a DJ, what to look for, and what separates our company from all the others. Whether you hire me or not, I’d like you to get a sense of what the mobile DJ industry is supposed to be like.

There is an enormous difference from one DJ company to the next. Please take time to review the information & videos included on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) pages. Knowing this information can make such a difference in who you hire, what happens at your event, and how you feel about it all afterwards. Thank you for visiting our digital home!

Meet Markus

Partner, DJ - Toronto

Mark ``DJ Markus`` Singh

My name is Mark Singh (aka DJ Markus), and for 25 years I have been a fixture on the Toronto DJ scene. I'm Known for my ability to rock crowds regardless of musical taste or age demographic. My dedication to my art form has born the fruit of nearly-unparalleled knowledge of music and a sixth-sense to read crowds so I'm able to seamlessly switch gears when the vibe calls for it. What makes me one of the most sought after DJs in the Golden Horseshoe is my versatility as a DJ, and the reputation I cherish for providing clients quality entertainment with a sense of professionalism. My desire is to be the bar other individuals in my industry hold themselves to, and I work tirelessly for clients and crowds to make it happen.

Being a music lover myself, going to weddings, corporate events, etc., I noticed a gap in the industry - an aging DJ force struggling to keep up with a much younger market. As I've been performing for 25 years, I knew the solution was creating a synergy between what was happening and the direction things were undoubtedly headed. This meant a fusion of all the classic hits, combined with current hits - all mixed together by one DJ with “professional” skills. The X-factor from one DJ to another is one's ability to gradually build momentum - and keep building on it. This is done through careful song selection and high energy beat mixing. This is where I deliver - and what I truly feel sets me apart above my contemporaries.

A DJ career born from passion and a desire to provide a higher level of service that was not apparent in the industry is what spawned OEG - or what we otherwise named it Oxygen Entertainment Group. I am very proud to say that since RayRay and I began this company, our quality and level of service has been recognized by signing key contracts with major venues and vendors. Our business goal is to leave a positive and long lasting impression with all who have dealt with us.

Our reputation is on the line at every event. To ever become unaware of that fact would be a disservice to our clients and our business.

I work daily in a corporate environment and that provides an edge for having a very detail-oriented approach with our clients. When considering their overall experience, ``Having someone responsive`` is 9/10 near the top of what a key selling point of our service is to people and business owners. Having a reliable and attentive individual to their needs as a client and event organizer is critical to the success of the event - and should really be expected in our industry. That mean's with us, you have one less worry when planning your wedding, corporate team outing, or whatever!

Establishing a professional rapport right from the initial phone call or meeting is something that I pride myself on. You want to know as a client whether your needs are being taking seriously, and want to have a sense that the person you’re dealing with is someone who takes what they’re doing seriously... Let's be honest - this is an industry plagued with good DJ’s who lack professionalism. What we provide is not only a breath of fresh air - it is concrete peace of mind that with us - things will head in the right direction.

In summary, I strive to go above and beyond your expectations. To constantly and consistently work on my craft every week of ever year - throughout the year. I understand that, while DJ’ing is the main deliverable - consistent success at each event requires more than just a high level of skill at only one thing. My approach to this industry and the role as ``Disk Jockey - combined with my skillset - have resulted in many unforgettable - and successful events.

My usual catchphrase is “I am the “DJ”... But, I struggle being reductionist and defining myself simply with that term as that. It is more akin to ``I’m very much the Wedding-Coordinator-Director-Idea Sharer-Listener-Music Programmer-Sound Guy-and-peace-of-mind-giver``.

I DJ for many reasons, but being asked to be part of fulfilling someone's vision and helping build unforgettable experiences is a special opportunity.

It’s something I take very seriously - and I’m truly grateful to be a small part of it each time I'm in that booth and put my headphones on.

Meet Trevor

DJ - Ottawa

Trevor ``DJ 2 Creamz`` Empey

From playing major club events, underground parties, and charity fundraisers, DJ 2 Creamz has risen to establish himself as a recognized name in the local Ottawa scene. With a solid reputation as a former urban freestyle dancer, DJ 2 Creamz has become known for moving crowds with his undeniably energetic sets.

Inspired by such artists as Laidback Luke and De La Soul, DJ 2 Creamz loves to keep the party alive and flowing. His deep passion for music keeps him constantly mixing fresh tracks to introduce to his listeners in creative ways. As a result, his fun blends of Electronic sounds with Hip Hop flavours, Old School Classics, and other specialty styles have been widely received by all types of audiences.

DJ 2 Creamz also hosts an after party radio show called ``The Mix,`` on which he spins live to air on CKCU 93.1 FM every Friday morning from 2 am to 6 am EST. His ongoing support for underground artists has allowed him the pleasure of interviewing such Canadian household names as Philly Moves, Fresh Kils, Masia One, Attikus, RELIC, and Perfeck Strangers. As well, he has been privileged to spin for Masia at the Ottawa International Writers Festival, and at House of PainT on the same stage as Shad, Maestro Fresh Wes, and Kid Koala.

Meet Paul

DJ - Ottawa

Paul LeBlanc

Paul is a passionate music person. His journey began at a very young age. It was only a matter of time until his love for music manifested into fervent musical celebrations and vibrant dance floors. He started playing the piano in 2000, producing music in 2005 and has been a full-time DJ since 2010.

For the last decade Paul has experimented and gained a very broad amount of DJ experience. Staying open to all types of events has enabled him to become quite a versatile DJ. LeBlanc has experience spinning almost every type of event imaginable. Most of them being: private parties, weddings, sports events & nightclubs, but as you can imagine he has also DJ’d everything in between. LeBlanc has gained the ability to play the right song at every moment in any setting. He thrives on being able to read the energy & emotion of the room; this is the essence of a DJ. His recipe for success is to be prepared coming into every event, be confident and always be in the moment. Paul is also a musician/producer his years of making people dance unmistakably comes out in his productions, creating a global & rhythmic sound in his songs.

Transparency, good communication and ultimately a relationship is created when business truly thrives. If you are interested in hiring Paul for an event, he truly wishes to create a bond with you from the first conversation until the last song of your special event. He will make sure you feel 100% comfortable all through-out the process. Paul loves helping others and making their biggest dreams come to life. Leading up to your event Paul will make sure you are on the same page and you will be stress free going into your event.

Other than DJing, Paul loves human connection and great conversations, he is most certainly an extrovert. On any given day you can find him going on an adventure, loving life at the dog park, playing some puck or catching some sun rays on the links. Paul loves all sports, his main ones being ice hockey & golf. He also owns and operates an Ottawa/Gatineau hockey community ( and has been officially organizing games since 2010.

Meet Kane

DJ - Ottawa


Kane is an Ottawa native with over 20 years of experience in the DJ industry. Initially starting out as a Club DJ with residencies in some of Ottawa’s most popular clubs back in the day such as Cachet, Theatre, Atomic, Illusion, and Deluxe (to only name few); Kane quickly gained a reputation for knowing how to read a crowd and energize a dance floor. This talent eventually lead to bookings across the country in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax and international bookings in the U.S. and Caribbean as well as djing events for Corporate clients including OSEG and the Ottawa Redblacks.

Kane brings his extensive experience into the Wedding Industry with an enthusiasm for pleasing his clients and ensuring they have the best musical experience

Meet Jason

DJ - Ottawa

Jason ``DJ Daddy Rich`` Spence

Having grown up on the love of music, Jason has been influenced by R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop, 80s and Top 40, resulting in Jason having a strong foundation of musical influence. Today, this translates into sets where he strategically blends beats, basslines, and occasional vocal hooks… all in creation of a satisfying sound.

A very active member of his local community, Jason is also a co-host on the popular radio show Freestyle CHUO 89.1 FM. The show is all about freedom of music expressed mainly in Caribbean and Urban genre but is warmly received by a diverse audience. When he isn't in the studio, Jason is working to exceed expectations playing at weddings, corporate events, patios, nightclubs, and he has even provided DJ services on a cruise ship!

Jason has loved every moment of his 13 year journey as a DJ and is proud of his reputation as a very outgoing, positive, professional and energetic entertainer.